Call for Papers: LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design

For the past two years the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design
has been publishing short journals examining the built environment of Southern
California on our website at www.laforum.org/issues.php. Past Issues have explored
topics such as Downtown LA, Shopping, Housing, and Parks, and an Issue planned
for this summer will examine the legacy of LA s late modern corporate architects.

In anticipation of the Railvolution conference this September (www.railvolution.com),
the opening of Metro s Orange Line busway and start of construction on the East
LA Gold Line, I would like to edit a fall Issue on the subject of transportation
and transit planning. Possible topics include critiques of transit-oriented
development built, under construction or planned; planning, architectural or
graphic assesment of transit projects in Los Angeles; and suggestions/critiques
of future mobility options for the region. I would also like to suggest telecommunications
as a subtheme is telecommunting happening? Can GPS enabled buses improve transit
service? How are community groups using the internet to organize themselves
and influence transportation policy and planning? In particular, I would like
to examine the political and social complexities, problems and biases of transit
planning in general do transit planners favor particular economic groups? How
does political access and favors influence the transportation map? What community
planning methods have been employed to create transit plans?

I invite your proposals for essays or suggestions for potential authors to

Final essays should be 1500-5000 words; first drafts will be due in early August,
with final editing and revisions to happen […]

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