Latest Issue Of ACCESS Magazine Now Available!

The Spring/Summer issue of ACCESS magazine is hot off of the press and now available to view at the brand-new ACCESS website, accessmagazine.org. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in the latest issue:


The Social Context of Travel

Michael J. Smart & Nicholas J. Klein

Imagine two couples living next door to each other in the Castro district of San Francisco.  They have similar jobs, interests, and incomes, but one couple is straight while the other is gay. Research now shows that the gay couple’s trips to work, shops, and everywhere in-between are more likely to be local than that of their straight neighbors.  But why would this be?

In “The Social Context of Travel,” Michael Smart and Nick Klein explore how the strong social ties of LGBT communities influence travel behavior within the community.  This phenomenon brings to light a new element to consider when planning for the transportation needs of a neighborhood.


The First Big-Box Store in Davis

Susan L. Handy, Kristin Lovejoy, Gian-Claudia Sciara, Deborah Salon, and Patricia L. Mokhtarian

Davis, California, has gone to great lengths to avoid sprawl. Multi-family housing is distributed throughout the city, neighborhood shopping centers are within a short bike ride, and the city’s public spaces have been designed to help promote its downtown businesses.  So when the Target Corporation proposed opening a store in Davis, many of the residents voiced outrage.

In their article, “The First Big-Box Store in Davis,” Susan Handy, Kristin Lovejoy, Gian-Claudia Sciara, Deborah Salon, and Patricia Mokhtarian research how opening a Target in Davis affected the shopping and travel patterns of the local residents.  What did this new box store mean for local businesses? And what could it mean for a city’s goals of sustainability?


Informal Parking: […]

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