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Doctor of Philosophy in Urban Planning – Transportation Policy and Planning

The Transportation Policy and Planning PhD program at UCLA has produced many of the many of the field’s leading scholars. Graduates hold faculty positions at leading universities, are senior government analysts, and research consultants in private industry. Here are some examples:

Mary Jane Breinholt (2001)

Dissertation: Private Responses to Public Failures: Firm and Worker Responses to Transportation Deficiencies in the Indonesian Garment Industry

Student Honors and Awards:

Jeffrey Brown (2003)

Dissertation: The Numbers Game: The Politics of the Federal Surface Transportation Program.

Student Honors and Awards:

Robert Cervero (1980)

Dissertation: Efficiency and Equity Implications of Transit Fare Policies (abstract only, available to UCLA)

Student Honors and Awards:

Dan Chatman (2005)

Dissertation: How the built environment influences non-work travel: Theoretical and empirical essays

Student Honors and Awards:

D. Gregg Doyle (2003)

Dissertation: "Only a Nobody Walks”: The Decline of Pedestrian Trips in the United States

Student Honors and Awards:

Mark Garrett (2006)

Dissertation: The Struggle for Transit Justice: Race, Space, and Social Equity in Los Angeles

Student Honors and Awards:

Camille Fink (2012)

Dissertation: More Than Just the "Loser Cruiser"?: An Ethnographic Study of the Social Life on Buses

Student Honors and Awards:

Daniel Baldwin Hess (2002)

Dissertation: Reconciling Incompatible Zone Systems in Metropolitan Planning (available to UCLA)

Student Honors and Awards:

Douglas Houston (2008)

Dissertation: Diesel Truck Impact Zones in Southern California; Localized implications of Goods Movement Container Traffic

Hiroyuki Iseki (2005)

Dissertation: Does Contracting Matter?: The Determinants of Contracting and Contracting’s Effects on Cost Efficiency in U.S. Fixed-Route Bus Transit Service

Student Honors and Awards:

Eugene J. Kim (2000)

Dissertation: Hot Lanes-A Comparative Evaluation of Costs, Benefits, and Performance

Student Honors and Awards:

David King (2008)

Dissertation: Exploring the Localization of Transportation Planning: Essays on research and policy implications from shifting goals in transportation planning

Student Honors and Awards:

Lewison Lem
Dissertation: Fairness or Favoritism? Geographic Redistribution and Fiscal Equalization Resulting from Transportation Funding Formulas

Student Honors and Awards:

Jian-Ling Li (1997)

Dissertation: Inter-Modal Transit Performance Indicators (abstract only, available to UCLA)

Michael Manville (2009)

Dissertation: Heterogeneity and collective action: Evidence from Massachusetts

Honors and Awards:

Andrew Mondschein (2012) - Assistant Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning at the University of Virginia

Dissertation: The Personal City: The Experiential, Cognitive Nature of Travel and Activity and Implications for Accessibility

Honors and Awards:

Eric Morris (2011)

Dissertation: Access and Outcomes: Transportation, Location, and Subjective Well-Being

Student Honors and Awards:

Don Pickrell (1980)

Dissertation: Free Parking and Urban Transportation (abstract only, available to UCLA)

Lisa Schweitzer (2004)

Dissertation: Environmental Sacrifice zones: Risk and Transport in Southern California

Student Honors and Awards:

Kimiko Shiki (2004)

Dissertation: Why Do the Poor Move to Cities?: The Central City/Suburban Locational Choice of Low-Income Households

Michael Smart (2012) - Assistant Professor in the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers

Dissertation: Immigrant Ethnic Neighborhoods, Inward Focus, and Travel Mode Choice

Student Honors and Awards:

Hyun-Gun Sung (2005)

Dissertation: Transit Friendly Areas: the Role of Residential Relocation and Housing Development in Rail Ridership Over Time

Allison Yoh (2008)

Dissertation: Institutional Barriers to Adopting Smart Card Technology for Fare Collection Among U.S. Transit Operators available to UCLA

Student Honors and Awards:

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