Transfers Magazine – Issue 2

Issue 2 — Fall 2018 What Makes a Good Driver? The Impact of Gender, Age, Athletics, Video Games, and Confidence on Novice Drivers Nancy L. Wayne, Gregory A. Miller Does Light Rail Reduce Traffic? The Case of the LA Expo Line Genevieve Giuliano, Sandip Chakrabarti Worst-Case Scenarios: Flooding and Evacuation Plans in Honolulu Karl Kim, Pradip Pant, Eric Yamashita Converting Garages for Cars into Housing for People Anne E. Brown, Vinit Mukhija, Donald Shoup Opinion: Fueling Collisions: The Case for a Smarter Freight Tax Cody Nehiba Subscribe to Transfers

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UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies and Lewis Center seeking communications manager

The communications manager leads strategy, branding, and production across our entire communications portfolio: research publications, eight websites, policy briefs, social media, email marketing, YouTube, webinars, our annual Arrowhead Symposium, and Transfers Magazine, a renowned transportation research publication Apply If you applied before 11/14/18, you must reapply to this position at the new link above.     A sample of UCLA ITS & Lewis Center Communications Activities

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ITS scholar Anne E. Brown awarded Best Dissertation in Planning

For the third time in the past four years, an ITS scholar has received the Barclay Gibbs Jones Award for Best Dissertation in Planning. The Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) has honored Anne E. Brown for her groundbreaking dissertation on racial discrimination and travel patterns in ridehailing. Anne completed her doctorate at ITS this spring and spent the summer putting her research into action as an ITS postdoctoral fellow before departing to join the faculty at the University of Oregon. Her work was covered extensively in the media, including in an op-ed Anne wrote for the Los Angeles Times.  The award selection committee released the following statement about Anne's dissertation: "The committee was especially impressed by Anne's comprehensive and cautious treatment of an important, contemporary, and understudied topic in transportation planning, her deft use of novel data sources, solid grasp of data analysis, and clear and engaging prose. Anne's ability to link the analysis of the original quantitative data she collected with a thorough review of secondary sources and relevant policies was especially impressive. Her research on racial and economic equity in the use of ride-hail services is already making headlines, and we look forward to seeing Anne's contributions to [...]

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Research in action: ITS dissertation on ridehail equity makes waves across LA

Anne E. Brown completed her doctoral dissertation, a groundbreaking study of discrimination and travel patterns in ridehailing, at UCLA ITS in June. Before she starts as an assistant professor at the University of Oregon in the fall, she completed a brief but busy postdoctoral tenure putting her research into action. Dr. Brown spent the summer presenting her findings to influential local groups and in the media, culminating in a Sunday op-ed in the Los Angeles Times. "I found that when it comes to timeliness, technology and — most troublingly — racial discrimination, taxis lag significantly behind their flashy new competitors," Dr. Brown wrote, outlining her first-of-its-kind "equity audit" of Lyft, Uber, and taxis in Los Angeles. "Taxi service, while poor, was pretty much the same for white, Asian and Latino riders. It was only noticeably different — and noticeably worse — for black riders, providing robust evidence of discrimination." The equity audit found that black riders were 73 percent more likely to have a taxi driver cancel on them compared to white riders, a racial gap that shrank to just 4 percent for Lyft and Uber, among other findings detailed in Dr. Brown's column. The stark evidence of discrimination was covered [...]

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Ridehail Revolution: Groundbreaking ITS dissertation examines discrimination and travel patterns for Lyft, Uber, and taxis

Ridehail services such as Uber and Lyft have revolutionized how people access cars. But research into where they travel and who they serve has been limited. For the past three years, ITS doctoral student Anne E. Brown worked to fill that gap in research by conducting a first-of-its-kind analysis of ridehail travel patterns, equity, and rider discrimination. Her dissertation has now been accepted and published, providing a groundbreaking look at ridehail use in Los Angeles. The newly minted Dr. Brown is the first scholar in the nation to access Lyft’s trip-level data — data that is not available to policymakers or the public — and analyzed rider travel and use patterns from more than 6.3 million trips taken in LA in 2016. She also conducted LA’s first audit study of Lyft, Uber, and taxi services, based on more than 1,700 rides, to measure how wait times and ride request cancellations varied across races, ethnicities, and genders. Her main findings include: Discrimination in the taxi industry results in higher cancellation rates and longer wait times for black riders. While taxi service overall was remarkably poor — 10 percent of taxis did not arrive within one hour — it was worst [...]

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