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2018 Fall Innovative Mobility Speaker Series

UCLA ITS 25th Anniversary Celebration
Our celebration of the past 25 years of scholarship, education, and public engagement reconnected classmates, friends, and professors. In honor of the anniversary, consider giving $25 to support ongoing ITS research and student scholarships.

2018 Spring Speaker Series
The series brought national experts to the UCLA Luskin School to discuss new research and best practices around public transit, transportation finance, innovative mobility, and much more. It took place during Professor Brian Taylor’s Transportation Policy and Planning graduate course, but all events were open to the public. Catch up with the installments below and watch recordings of most of the speakers on our YouTube channel.

Transportation is a Women’s Issue – Part II: A gendered planning mismatch
Discussions and plans for the future of transportation and new innovative mobility services often fail to account for women’s travel patterns. What potential do new mobility options, bikesharing, ridesourcing, and microtransit hold for closing this gap? Or will they rather reinforce these divergent travel patterns? Naomi Iwasaki of Investing in Place hosted a conversation about women’s travel patterns, current and future transportation planning and policy with UCLA Luskin professor Dr. Evelyn Blumenberg, Seleta Reynolds of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, and Stephanie Wiggins of LA Metro.

Transportation is a Women’s Issue – Part I: Public transportation and #MeToo
The #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and assault must influence public transportation procedures, designs, and policies. ITS associate director Madeline Brozen kicked off a new 2017-18 discussion series by speaking with Dr. Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, a professor of urban planning at UCLA Luskin and ITS faculty fellow, about women’s transportation needs, how transit agencies are and are not meeting these needs, and the role of sexual harassment in public space and public transit.

Travel Behavior and the Three Revolutions of Shared, Electric, and Autonomous Vehicles
A select group of transportation policymakers, stakeholders, and experts convened for a session at the 2017 LA CoMotion Expo & Festival on the 3 Revolutions Future Mobility Program from the UC Institute of Transportation Studies. The program, led by researchers at ITS-Davis, hopes to guide public decision-making and private investments around new vehicle technology, and the discussion centered on the implications of shared, electric, and autonomous vehicles on mobility, pricing, greenhouse gas emissions, public transit, and much more.