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ITS Directory-Alphabetical

Eric Avila

Avila, Eric
Associate Professor of Chicana/o Studies, History and Urban Planning

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Rowena Barlow

Barlow, Rowena
Business Office Manager

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Evelyn Blumenberg

Blumenberg, Evelyn
Professor of Urban Planning

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Madeline Brozen

Brozen, Madeline
Director, Complete Streets Project

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Stephen Brumbaugh

Brumbaugh, Stephen
PhD Student

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William A.V. Clark

Clark, William A.V.
Professor of Geography

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Randall Crane

Crane, Randall
Professor of Urban Planning

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J.R. DeShazo

DeShazo, J.R.
Associate Professor of Public Policy

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Yasmine Diaz

Diaz, Yasmine
Operations Manager

voice: (310) 562-7356
email: ydiaz@publicaffairs.ucla.edu

Matthew Drennan

Drennan, Matthew
Visiting Professor of Public Policy

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Mark Garrett

Garrett, Mark
Research Faculty and Communications Associate

email: mgarrett@ucla.edu Profile Page

Todd Gauthier

Gauthier, Todd
Communications & Events Manager

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Patrick Gibson

Gibson, Patrick
Lecturer at the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department

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Herbie Huff

Huff, Herbie
ITS and Lewis Center Research Staff

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Joseph Issa

Issa, Joseph
Operations Associate

Richard Jackson

Jackson, Richard
Professor and Chair, Environmental Health Sciences; Professor, Institute of the Environment & Sustainability, Urban Planning

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Matt Kahn

Kahn, Matt
Professor at the UCLA Institute of the Environment

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Jaimee Lederman

Lederman, Jaimee
PhD Student Researcher

Jesse Liang

Liang, Jesse
Information Technology/Data Assistant

Robin Liggett

Liggett, Robin
Professor Emeritus

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Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris

Loukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia
Associate Dean of Luskin School of Public Affairs

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John Mathews

Mathews, John
Managing Editor of Access Magazine

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Juan Matute

Matute, Juan
ITS and Lewis Center Associate Director

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Tyler Oeth

Oeth, Tyler
Information Technology/Data Assistants

Paul Ong

Ong, Paul
Professor of Urban Planning, Social Welfare and Asian American Studies

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Suzanne Paulson

Paulson, Suzanne
Professor and Center for Clean Air Director

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Gregory Pierce

Pierce, Gregory
Associate Editor, Access Magazine

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Kelcie Ralph

Ralph, Kelcie
PhD Student Researcher

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Kathy Sekine

Sekine, Kathy
Business Office Associate

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Donald Shoup

Shoup, Donald
Professor of Urban Planning, Editor of Access Magazine

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Ryan Snyder

Snyder, Ryan
Lecturer in Urban Planning

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Brian D. Taylor

Taylor, Brian D.
Professor of Urban Planning
Director, Institute of Transportation Studies
Director of Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies

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Trevor Thomas

Thomas, Trevor
PhD Student Researcher

Carole Turley

Turley, Carole
PhD Student Researcher

Martin Wachs

Wachs, Martin
Professor Emeritus of Urban Planning

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Rui Wang

Wang, Rui
Assistant Professor

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Brett Williams

Williams, Brett
Program Director, Electric Vehicles & Alternative Fuels; Assistant Adjunct Professor of Public Policy

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Arthur Winer

Winer, Arthur
Professor of Environmental Health Sciences
Core Faculty Member, Environmental Science and Engineering Program
Associate Director, University of California’s Toxic Substances Research and Teaching Program

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Norman Wong

Wong, Norman
Information Technology & Data Management
GIS Project Manager

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Institute of Transportation Studies
University of California, Los Angeles
3320 Public Affairs Building
Los Angeles, CA 90095

tel: 310.562.7356
email: its@luskin.ucla.edu

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