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Title: Truth in Transportation Planning

Author(s): Shoup, Donald

Published: 2003 by Journal of Transportation and Statistics, Vol. 6, No. 1, 2003, pp. 1-16.

Online Access: http://www.bts.gov/publications/journal_of_transportation_and_statistics/volume_06_number_01/html/paper_01/index.html

Abstract: Transportation engineers and urban planners often report uncertain estimates as precise numbers, and unwarranted trust in the accuracy of these precise numbers can lead to bad transportation and land-use policies. This paper presents data on parking and trip generation rates to illustrate the misuse of precise numbers to report statistically insignificant estimates. Beyond the problem of statistical insignificance, parking and trip generation rates typically report the parking demand and vehicle trips observed at suburban sites with ample free parking and no public transit. When decisionmakers use these parking and trip generation rates for city planning, they create a city where everyone drives to their destinations and parks free when they get there.

Category: Transportation Economics     

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