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Title: Reverse Commute Transit Programs and Single Mothers on Welfare: A Policy Mismatch?

Author(s): Blumenberg, Evelyn

Published: 2002 by Tech Transfer, Institute of Transportation Studies, Technology Transfer Program, University of California, Berkeley, Winter, pp. 4-6

Online Access: http://www.techtransfer.berkeley.edu/newsletter/02-1/reverse.php

Abstract: UCLA Urban Planning Professor Evelyn Blumenberg recently completed a study of the spatial mismatch between welfare recipients in inner cities and new job opportunities in the suburbs. According to her study, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) initiatives to improve access to suburban jobs in order to help inner city welfare mothers find jobs appear to miss the mark. She found that there are jobs for low-wage, female workers in most urban centers and that single mothers try to avoid long reverse commutes by bus because of childcare and household responsibilities.

Category: Transportation Access and Equity      Transportation, Employment, and Poverty     

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