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Title: Commuting, Congestion, and Pollution: the Employer-Paid Parking Connection

Author(s): Shoup, Donald and Richard Willson

Published: 1992 by in Papers Presented at the Congestion Pricing Symposium, sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration, June 10-12, 1992, Washington, D.C. (U. S. Department of Transportation Publication No. FHWA-PL-93-003). (Reprinted in Robert Poole (ed.), Congestion Pricing for Southern California, Los Angeles: The Reason Foundation, September 1992, pp. 1-33.)

Online Access: http://www.uctc.net/papers/120.pdf

Abstract: Urban areas increasingly face problems associated with traffic congestion and vehicle air emissions. Employer-paid parking¬óa form of matching grant whereby an employer offers to pay the cost of parking if employees are willing to pay all other costs of driving to work¬ócontributes to the tendency of employees to drive alone to work.

In downtown Los Angeles, the average employer-paid parking subsidy is equivalent to 11 cents per mile traveled to and from work. Thus, imposing a congestion toll of 11 cents per vehicle mile traveled would raise the cost of driving to the Los Angeles CBD by only as much as employer-paid parking already lowers it.

Category: Transportation Economics     

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