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Title: Effects of Ending Employer-Paid Parking for Solo Drivers

Author(s): Surber, Monica, Donald Shoup, and Martin Wachs

Published: 1984 by Transportation Research Record 957, pp. 67-71

Online Access: http://pubsindex.trb.org/document/view/default.asp?lbid=210601

Abstract: The change in employee travel choices at a company in Los Angeles that ended employer-paid parking for solo drivers who do not use their cars at work is documented. The modal split among affected employees changed in the following ways: solo driving fell from 42 to 8 percent, carpooling rose from 17 to 58 percent; and bus ridership declined from 38 to 28 percent. There was no change in the modal split at a nearby comparison company that continued to offer free parking to all employees. It is concluded that ending employer-paid parking for solo drivers significantly influenced employees' modal choices.

Category: Transportation Finance     

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