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Title: Race, Inequality, and Travel Patterns among People of Color

Author(s): Valenzuela Jr., Abel

Published: 2000 by In Travel Patterns Among People of Color. Research Report Commissioned by the U.S. Department of Transportation. 35 pages

Online Access: http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/ohim/trvpatns.pdf

Abstract: Over the decades, public and private travel among Americans has increased and travel patterns have changed significantly. As a result, many scholars and policy-makers are concerned that the nature and distribution of travel are uneven, in particular regarding the minority population. In addition, the nature and distribution of opportunity in U.S. society also are undergoing massive change. In part owing to steady waves of immigration, the United States also is rapidly becoming a more racially and ethnically diverse nation (McDaniel, 1995). At the same time, processes of technological innovation, intensified global integration, and deindustrialization are transforming the world of work. One central impact takes the form of a widening gap in pay between high skill and low skill workers (Danziger and Gottschalk, 1996; Wilson, 1996). Attendant to these changes has been a general worsening of inequality in the overall income distribution (Levy, 1995). These central factors directly influence other social indicators such as home ownership, residential location, educational attainment, and employment opportunities.

Category: Travel Demographics     

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