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Title: Parking requirements as a barrier to housing development: regulation and reform in Los Angeles

Author(s): Manville, Michael

Published: 2010 by Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies, Institute of Transportation Studies, UCLA (Working Paper)

Online Access: http://www.its.ucla.edu/research/rpubs/Manville_ARO_DEC_2010.pdf

Abstract: Using a partial deregulation of residential parking in downtown Los Angeles, I examine the impact of minimum parking requirements on housing development. I find that when parking requirements are removed, developers provide more housing and less parking, and also that developers provide different types of housing: housing in older buildings, in previously disinvested areas, and housing marketed toward non-drivers. This latter category of housing tends to sell for less than housing with parking spaces. The research also highlights the importance of removing not just quantity mandates but locational mandates as well. Developers in dense inner cities are often willing to provide parking, but ordinances that require parking to be on the same site as housing can be prohibitively expensive.


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