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Title: Assessment of the Applicability of Bus Rapid Transit on Conventional Highways: Case Study Feasibility Analyses Along the Lincoln Boulevard Corridor

Author(s): Miller, M.A., I. Li, R. Cervero, J. Murkami, Zhijun Zou, and A. Skabardonis

Published: 2009 by UCB-PRR-2009-38

Online Access: http://www.path.berkeley.edu/PATH/Publications/PDF/PRR/2009/PRR-2009-38.pdf

Abstract: This report presents the results of a performance assessment of the applicability of bus rapid transit on conventional highways in the setting of a site‐specific case study along the Lincoln Boulevard corridor in Santa Monica, California. When bus rapid transit systems are implemented on conventional highways, especially on arterials, there are numerous bus priority treatments that can be applied and each has associated with it issues that need to be investigated. In this study, we are investigating concurrent flow curb bus lanes based on the removal of peak period parking along the Lincoln Boulevard corridor. We have focused on traffic and ridership impacts associated with this type of bus rapid transit system implementation.


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