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Title: Hate to Wait: Effects of Wait Time on Public Transit Travelers' Perceptions

Author(s): Yoh, Allison, Hiroyuki Iseki, Michael Smart, and Brian D. Taylor

Published: 2011 by Transportation Research Record: Paper 11-3973

Online Access: Yoh, Allison, Hiroyuki Iseki, Michael Smart, and Brian D. Taylor


A large and growing body of research suggests that transit users hate to wait. Given broad policy goals to increase public transit use in U.S. cities, this research sheds light on cost-effective ways to increase transit use by decreasing the perceived burdens of waiting at stops/stations. Our goal is to determine (1) the relative importance of stop/station amenities and attributes, and (2) how the importance of these amenities and attributes vary with wait time. To do this we draw on a transit user survey that asked over 2,000 travelers to rate both the importance of amenities at their stops/stations and their wait times. In this paper we ask: At what duration of wait time do amenities become important?


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