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Title: The Blue Line Blues: Why the Vision of Transit Village May Not Materialize Despite Impressive Growth in Transit Ridership

Author(s): Loukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia, and T. Banerjee

Published: 2000 by Journal of Urban Design, 5:2, 101-125

Online Access: http://www.uctc.net/papers/425.pdf

Abstract: The paper examines the Blue Line corridor, a 22-mile rail transportation route that connects downtown Los Angeles to downtown Long Beach. The line passes through some of the most neglected and poorest communities in Los Angeles County. Despite initial rhetoric by rail advocates and local politicians the line has not succeeded in improving the economic environment of adjacent communities. In this paper we use the Blue Line as a case-study in an effort to understand the real and perceived barriers to growth around inner city station areas. Based on information gathered through a series of interviews with politicians, planners, community leaders and transportation experts, and site analysis data from extensive ┬« eld-work, we identify the `missing antecedents┬ĺ for neighbourhood development around inner city station areas.

Category: Transportation, Land Use, and Urban Form     

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