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ITS Staff

<strong>Madeline Brozen</strong>
Madeline BrozenITS and Lewis Center Associate Director

(424) 255-8737
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<strong>Brian D. Taylor</strong>
Brian D. TaylorLewis Center and ITS Director


(310) 903-3228
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<strong>Juan Matute</strong>
Juan MatuteITS and Lewis Center Associate Director

(562) 546-2831
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<strong>Whitney Willis</strong>
Whitney WillisOperations Coordinator


(310) 562-7356
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<strong>Will Livesley-O'Neill</strong>
Will Livesley-O'NeillCommunications Manager


(424) 625-8468
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Administrative Staff

Business Officer

Kathy Sekine, (310) 206-4331 


Business Office Student Assistant

Bella Wang


Information Technology and Data Student Assistant

Masha Korostil

Arpit Jasapara 


Student Office Assistants

Mofe Alege

Marisa Cheung

Andrew Cobian

Gloria Issa

Marion Lane

Jackie Reznikoff

Julie Sorfleet



Access Magazine Staff


Donald Shoup 


Managing Editor

John Mathews 



Evelyn Blumenberg 

William Clark

Sam Coogan 

Randall Crane 

J.R. DeShazo 

Mario Gerla 

Gen Giuliano

Robin Liggett 

Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris 

Paul Ong 

Suzanne Paulson 

Izhak Rubin

Donald Shoup 

Jonathan Stewart 

Brian D. Taylor 

Martin Wachs 

Rui Wang

Arthur Winer  

Michael Manville


Affiliated and Adjunct Faculty

Pat Gibson

Jonathan Mason

Walter Okitsu 

Tony Perez 

Mohja Rhoads 

Ryan Synder 


Research Staff

Madeline Brozen 

Herbie Huff 

Juan Matute 

Norman Wong 


PhD Student Researchers

Jaimee Lederman 

Gregory Pierce 

Trevor Thomas 

Carole Turley Voulgaris

Andrew Schouten

Teo Wickland