Paper Wins Chester Rapkin Award

"The Geography of Transit Crime: Documentation and Evaluation of Crime Incidence on and Around the Green Line Stations in Los Angeles" by Professors Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris and Robin Liggett, and PhD student Hiroyuki Iseki, has won the annual Chester Rapkin Award for the best paper in the Journal of Planning Education and Research. The award will be presented at the joint ACSP/AESOP Conference to be held in Leuven, Belgium, this July.

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Mapquest for Bicyclists

Getting around on a bike cuts traffic congestion, is pollution free, and gives you a great workout all at once. But what if you're not sure how to get where you want to go? Yahoo Maps is likely to point you to the freeway... Lucky for California bicyclists, there is a new web-based service to help map out a bike route - BikeMetro. As with most web-based mapping services, you can get directions based on start and end points, but you can also tailor your route based on hill tolerance, skill level, and whether or not you want to use public transit. Give it a try!

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