2003 Lake Arrowhead Symposium, October 19-21

The short- and long-term effects of the current fiscal crisis in public finance were the guiding themes of the 12th Annual UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium on the Transportation -- Land Use -- Environment Connection entitled, Finance: The Critical Link. More than one hundred elected officials, senior policy staff, private sector leaders, and researchers attended the three day event in the San Bernardino Mountains. Speakers and participants explored how the public finance of transportation systems and the public regulation of land use affect the private investment decisions of developers, the location decisions of employers and residents, and the travel patterns of people and goods. Throughout the symposium, the presentations and discussion focused on ways to improve and stabilize our current systems of public infrastructure finance. Speakers at the invitation-only retreat included the Honorable Tom Torlakson (California State Senator), Bob Santos (President of Lennar Communities of Southern California), Robert Burchell (Distinguished Professor of Public Policy at Rutgers University), and Gary Gallegos (Executive Director of the San Diego Association of Governments). Click on the link below for an overview of the event with links to the presentations; complete proceedings of the symposium will be available on this site in January. Speakers/Presentations

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