Lisa Schweitzer Named UC Transportation Student of the Year

UCLA Transportation Student Lisa Schweitzer has been selected the 2003 Transportation Student of the Year by the University of California Transportation Center (UCTC). Schweitzer won the vote of transportation faculty at the four Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS) campuses in the University of California System. More >>

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Transportation Geography Field Trip

Professor Brian Taylor, Director of ITS, recently led a group of 60 undergraduate students enrolled in the class, "Transportation Geography," on a one-day field trip. The class visited a variety of transportation and transportation-related projects, facilities, neighborhoods, and corridors in Los Angeles. Students traveled through old streetcar suburbs of west LA, rode through the Playa Vista development, met with Los Angeles World Airports staff, toured the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles and the Alameda Corridor, walked through Union Station and Gateway Center in downtown Los Angeles, met with MTA staff to learn about bicycle planning, and took a walking tour of joint development projects along the Hollywood Corridor. Pictures

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