Congratulations to WTS Scholarship Recipient Jane Berner

Transportation student Jane Berner has been selected by the Los Angeles Chapter of the Women's Transportation Seminar to receive the Myra Frank Memorial Scholarship for 2005. She will receive her award at the Annual Scholarship and Awards Dinner on November 10. The Myra L. Frank Memorial Scholarship was established in 2005 by the Los Angeles Chapter of WTS to encourage women to pursue career paths in transportation. The scholarship is awarded to women pursuing graduate studies in transportation or a related field. Myra L. Frank was instrumental in the founding of the WTS/Los Angeles chapter and actively served as a WTS member for over 25 years. As Principal of Myra L Frank & Associates, Inc., she was responsible for preparation of environmental documents for many of the most significant transportation and public works projects sponsored by the California Department of Transportation, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Southern California Regional Rail Authority, Alameda Corridor, City of Los Angeles, and other agencies.

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