Give or Take: Lewis Center’s Brian Taylor and Paavo Monkkonen Discuss the Sharing Economy

Lewis Center Director Brian Taylor and Faculty Fellow Paavo Monkkonen highlighted different aspects of the sharing economy at an October event held at the downtown LA workspace collective Maker City LA. The event was put on by the American Planning Association’s Los Angeles chapter, and saw Taylor discuss the implications of increasingly popular car-share services such as Uber and Lyft and housing expert Monkkonen […]

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PHD Student Kelcie Ralph Talks to NPR About Why More American Women Don’t Bike to Work

Urban Planning PHD student Kelcie Ralph talked to Chicago NPR affiliate WBEZ earlier this week about the unique obstacles facing American women from taking up bicycling. The interview covers ideas outlined in a Guardian op-ed that Ralph penned with Lewis Center researcher Herbie Huff, and builds off her research with UCLA colleagues on household travel and activities among students and non-traditional households. 

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Dr. Patricia Mokhtarian Resurrects the Joy of Travel in the 8th Annual Martin Wachs Lecture

Author Leo Tolstoy once wrote: “All great literature is one of two stories: a man goes on a journey, or a stranger comes to town.” Both of these archetypal stories involve travel, a subtle connection which may speak to an intrinsic link between travel and the significant experiences that bring meaning to our lives. Yet as Georgia Tech professor Patricia Mokhtarian pointed out in a masterful 8th Annual Martin Wachs lecture, the view of travel […]

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CTC Executive Director Andre Boutros Talks Transportation Funding and Project Delivery

On a recent October afternoon, California Transportation Commission (CTC) executive director Andre Boutros gave a crash course in California transportation finance for a group of UCLA students, faculty, and researchers. Boutros sketched an overview of the CTC’s role in allocating over $25 billion worth of state and federal transportation funds, and provided a window into the CTC’s decision-making process […]

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Brian Taylor Delivers Burack President’s Lecture on Travel Behavior of Teens and Young Adults

Lewis Center Director Brian Taylor traveled to the University of Vermont in September to participate in the Burack President's Distinguished Lecture Series. His talk was entitled: "Who Knows About Kids These Days? Understanding the Travel Behavior of Teens and Young Adults." Full video of the engaging lecture and Q&A can be found here.

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Carole Turley Kicks Off ITS Brown Bag Series with Talk on Transportation Utility Fees

On Monday, UCLA Urban Planning PhD student Carole Turley gave the first-ever Institute of Transportation Studies brown bag. She talked about Transportation Utility Fees, or TUFs. What are TUFs? They are a charge for the use of the transportation system, and they are typically levied by cities on property owners. The concept is that the fee is proportional to a […]

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Why Aren’t More American Women On Bikes? Lewis Center’s Herbie Huff and Kelcie Ralph Have a Surprising Answer: Household Chores.

Lewis Center Researcher Herbie Huff and Urban Planning PHD Candidate Kelcie Ralph recently penned an article in the Guardian newspaper asserting that an overlooked barrier to more women biking is the fact that their lives are disproportionately filled with housework and child-related chores. Read on for the thought-provoking article.

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