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Recent Martin Wachs publications explore funding for critical transportation projects

Two recent publications by UCLA distinguished professor emeritus and ITS faculty fellow Martin Wachs explore a critical question facing the United States: How can we better prioritize and finance our critical transportation projects? Figure 1: Total Federal, State, and Local Spending on Transportation and Water Infrastructure, as a Share of Gross Domestic Product, 1956-2014 (Credit: RAND Corporation) Professor Wachs co-authored “Not Everything Is Broken: The Future of U.S. Transportation and Water Infrastructure Funding and Finance,” recently released by the RAND Corporation. It paints a national spending picture that, while historically steady (see Figure 1), now faces serious problems including declining revenue for the Highway Trust Fund and increased flooding risk in coastal communities. Wachs highlights the need for the federal government to focus on major investments in renewal of aging infrastructure. In a recent edition of TR News, he explores the first steps in the conceptualization of one such major investments: Replacing the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City, the busiest bus terminal in the world. In the article, Wachs outlines a recent design competition for the overcrowded and deteriorating facility. The competition revealed the complexity and challenges of the project, including the need to accommodate [...]

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A multimodal guide to the 2018 LA Women’s March

January 21, 2017 was the largest ridership day in LA Metro history thanks to the inaugural Women’s March, which brought an estimated 750,000 people downtown. Faced with various road closures, many participants opted to take Metro to Pershing Square instead of driving  — and dealt with jam-packed trains and long lines at fare vending machines as a result. Organizers are expecting another large turnout for the 2018 march on Saturday, January 20. Based on their experiences getting to the Women’s March last year, will people again pack public transit to DTLA? Or, will we see an increase in traffic congestion as marchers switch to driving, like in the second phase of “Carmageddon?” Be flexible and prepared to use more than one mode for arriving. For many people, taking one of the five Metro rail lines that go to DTLA will continue to be their best option, even with anticipated crowding and delays. Metro has a quick video with a few tips for making your trip by rail a little easier: Buy your TAP card early, load at least $3.50 on your card in advance, and get to your station early. You may find it easier to use rideshare such as [...]

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