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UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies seeking Project Manager

We seek a dynamic transportation professional to serve as a program manager at the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS), a national leader in transportation research and community of scholars studying transportation finance, public transit, and innovative mobility. We work across the UCLA campus to coordinate, conduct, and promote research that produces real results in California and around the globe. We are seeking a project manager to expand our in-house research capabilities.  The project manager will work with faculty, post-doctoral researchers, doctoral students, masters students, and research staff on research projects that address questions important to transportation planning and policy.  ITS scholars conduct research in the areas of mobility and opportunity, new mobility, parking, public transit, sustainable and resilient transportation, traffic, transportation and communities, and transportation finance. ITS hosts the annual UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium on the Transportation - Land Use - Environment Connection, a 28-year old institution in California planning and policymaking. The program manager will take a lead role in developing that program and working with external partners to ensure its success. The position is for a 2-year contract1, with the possibility for future extensions. Anticipated pay is $75,000 - $85,000 annually). Apply The application period [...]

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Transfers Magazine – Issue 2

Issue 2 — Fall 2018 What Makes a Good Driver? The Impact of Gender, Age, Athletics, Video Games, and Confidence on Novice Drivers Nancy L. Wayne, Gregory A. Miller Does Light Rail Reduce Traffic? The Case of the LA Expo Line Genevieve Giuliano, Sandip Chakrabarti Worst-Case Scenarios: Flooding and Evacuation Plans in Honolulu Karl Kim, Pradip Pant, Eric Yamashita Converting Garages for Cars into Housing for People Anne E. Brown, Vinit Mukhija, Donald Shoup Opinion: Fueling Collisions: The Case for a Smarter Freight Tax Cody Nehiba Subscribe to Transfers

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Recap: Lessons from the Sharing Economy for the Autonomous Vehicle Future

Webinar featuring Susan Shaheen, UC Berkeley and Mike Manville, UCLAAutonomous vehicles hold enormous potential - a future with self-driving cars could mean safer streets, less congestion, and increased equity. These benefits are particularly promising when autonomous vehicle technology meets shared mobility companies like Uber and Lyft. But how close are we to that future? Professor Susan Shaheen of UC Berkeley and Associate Professor Michael Manville of UCLA talked about this difficult issue during a webinar hosted by the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies.We are still some time away from truly autonomous vehicles. There are five stages of automation: level 4 means you can occasionally take your eyes off the road and your hands off the wheel and level 5 means completely self-driving vehicles. No large-scale deployments of level 4 or 5 automation exist, but that will change soon. “What I think we’re going to see as we move into 2017 and beyond is more of these highly automated or fully automated deployments,” explained Professor Shaheen. Companies like Uber and Tesla are already starting to scale up autonomous vehicle experiments.When autonomous vehicles do roll out in larger numbers, it will likely be in limited scenarios. Cities like Columbus and San Francisco [...]

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Climate Change Initiative Director Juan Matute Interviewed By UCLA Today

Juan Matute, Director of the UCLA Climate Change Initiative was recently interviewed by UCLA Today. Click here to read more about climate change, transportation, and what we can do about it. Juan Matute is the director of the UCLA Local Climate Change Initiative at the Luskin School of Public Affairs. He studies how to transform notoriously car-dependent cities like Los Angeles into cleaner, greener, but still useable public-transit hubs.

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CicLAvia Associated with Increased Sales to Local Businesses

LOS ANGELES, October 1, 2012 — Businesses along the June 2013 CicLAvia route experienced a 10 percent bump in sales on the day of the event, a new study from the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs has found. The increase was greater among those businesses that engaged with CicLAvia participants such as with a vending table or music. “Active participant” businesses saw their sales increase 57 percent according to the study, with sales revenue increases of $1,356 on average compared to $407 on average for all businesses. With the eighth iteration of L.A.’s day of car-free streets approaching on October 6, the data gives business owners, residents and CicLAvia participants tips on how to make the most of the unique interactions that happen during the event. Approximately 150,000 people on foot, bikes and skates experienced iconic Wilshire Boulevard as part of the CicLAvia event on June 23, 2013. Researchers at UCLA Luskin’s Complete Streets Initiative and the Luskin Center for Innovation surveyed a representative sample of brick-and-mortar businesses along the route, comparing sales revenue and foot traffic on CicLAvia Sunday and a Sunday earlier that month. The researchers found revenues increased by an average of $407 per business—$3,122 in sales on [...]

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