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Extension Courses

In addition to the regular course offerings in the Departments of Civil Engineering, Public Policy, and Urban Planning, students and non-students alike have the opportunity to take courses and seminars through UCLA Extension and the ITS Tech Transfer Program (see below).


Regular Degree Program Courses

These course offerings are available through URSA or UCLA Extension.

Public Policy Program

The Public Policy Program provides a forum for bringing together public officials, planners, attorneys, private sector representatives, community groups, and the research community to critically examine the public policy issues that are confronting Southern California, the state, and the nation. Through its conferences, seminars, custom programs, and other activities, the program emphasizes sharing public policy information, analyses, perspectives and strategies.

Offerings include seminars that provide practical and timely information about changing laws and policies, planning practices, technologies, and analysis tools in the areas of urban planning, land use and planning law, environmental policy, public infrastructure finance, and transportation policy, planning and management.

Upcoming Seminars


ITS Tech Transfer

ITS Tech Transfer’s training, technical assistance, and information services cover a broad range of transportation technologies including advanced pavement practices, operational and productivity models, traffic signals, intelligent transportation systems, and new planning methodologies and practices such as “context sensitive solutions,” and safety.

In addition, Tech Transfer’s training program emphasizes the importance of building a strong foundation of basic transportation understanding and practical skill in engineering, planning, project management and policy.

Classes are held at various locations throughout the state of California. To see if one is near you, please check the schedule.