Future Student Capstone Projects

Propose a Student Research Project by July 23th 2021

Past Student Capstone Projects

Masters of Urban and Regional planning students complete one of the following in their second year prior to graduation:

  • Applied Planning Research Project (Client Project): The Client Project is applied planning research on a real-world problem conducted by MURP students in their 2nd year in order to satisfy the capstone requirement for the degree.  See features on the top 2021 projects and four c/o 2020 students and their projects.
  • Community Scholars or Comprehensive Project: Community Scholars & the Comprehensive Projects are similar, in many respects, to the client project, but larger in scope and scale. These projects simulate real world planning practice in that they incorporate students from various areas of concentration working together to research a problem from multiple planning angles.
  • Masters’ Theses: The thesis focuses on posing and answering a research question in planning that has not previously been answered. Research is conducted by a MURP student in conjunction with a faculty committee.

Masters of Public Policy students complete an Applied Policy Project

Student Name
Project Title
Faculty Advisor
The Los Angeles Manufacturing Action Project: A Feasibility Study for Organizing Strategies in the Alameda CorridorN/AUnknown1995Comprehensive ProjectN/ADownload
Rogers, KathleenMeasuring Social Equity of Public Transit Finance: A Synthesis and Reinterpretation of the LiteratureN/AUnknown2003ThesisN/ADownload
Mondschein, AndrewOut of Many, One Neighborhood: Mapping and Understanding Neighborhoods as Aggregates of Individuals' Cognitive MapsN/AUnknown2004ThesisN/ADownload
Crosley, StephenChoice of the Choice Rider Demand for Light Rail Transit in the Polycentric City: A Look at Culver City and Mid-City Exposition Line N/AUnknown2006ThesisDownloadDownload
Dresden, MatthewPublic Transit between the United States and Canada: Establishing Regular Bus Service between Whatcom County, Washington, and Vancouver, British Columbia in a post-NAFTA, post-9/11 worldN/AUnknown2006ThesisN/ADownload
Fernandez, NormaEstrella Park vs Caltrans Nuisance Property: Greening Wasted Spaces N/AUnknown2006ThesisN/ADownload
Gilman, KatherineTransit-oriented Development in Culver City: An Opportunity to Support Light Rail Transit and Create a Pedestrian-oriented DistrictN/AUnknown2006ThesisN/ADownload
Kofner, AaronPublic Transit as a Hedge Against Congestion-Related Externalities: Substantial Benefits and Potential Strategies N/AUnknown2006ThesisN/ADownload
Lauckhart, KristenMitigating Air Pollution at Seaports: A Review of Emissions Mitigation Efforts at U.S. and European SeaportsN/AUnknown2006ThesisN/ADownload
Paul, TravisPedestrian Experience and Built Form: Analysis and Recommendations for Pasadena's Fair Oaks/Orange Grove Renaissance Commercial District N/AUnknown2006ThesisN/ADownload
Ringler, Adina Passenger Perceptions of Intermodal Connectivity: Evaluating Transit Stops and Stations from the Perspective of Transit Users ('07)CaltransTaylor, Brian 2007Client ProjectN/ADownload
Salinas, Bonique Integrating Land Use and Transportation: The Revitalization of a Commercial Corridor In Fresno, California Through Innovative Land Use and Zoning Policy City of Fresno, Planning DepartmentLoukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia 2007Client ProjectN/ADownload
MacPherson, Sarah Walkable Alleys: Improving Pedestrian Linkages Between Public Parking Facilities, Housing, and Commercial Businesses in Hollywood, CA The Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles, Hollywood Planning DivisionLoukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia; Mukhija, Vinit 2007Client ProjectN/ADownload
Axt, Katie A Bicycle Analysis and Conceptual Plan for Southeast Los Angeles Within Proximity of the Exposition Right-of-Way MetroBlumenberg, Evelyn; Loukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia2007Client ProjectN/ADownload
Porras, Marcel Evergreen Park and Recreation Center Transportation Analysis Los Angeles Neighborhood InitiativeEstrada, Leo; Taylor, Brian 2007Client ProjectN/ADownload
Osgood, Andrea Parking Incentives for Carsharing Organizations: An Analysis of Local Government Agencies' Options for Encouraging Carsharing Use Through Parking Incentives and Recommendations for ImplementationCity of Berkeley Public Works DepartmentBlumenberg, Evelyn; Shoup, Donald 2007Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Wong, Daniel Florence and Pacific: A Plan for Improving Bike-Transit Access in Huntington Park MetroShoup, Donald; Mukhija, Vinit 2007Client ProjectN/ADownload
Leung, Adrian How We Move Images and How Images Move Us: Autonomy and Captivity in Representations of Driving and TransitN/ATaylor, Brian 2007ThesisN/ADownload
Zahn, Laura Cleaner Skies, Brighter Future: Opportunities and Obstacles to Reduce Airport-based Greenhouse Gas Emissions Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Taylor, Brian; Kahn, Matt 2008Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Carter, Vanessa First-rate Advocacy from Second-tier Issues: Participatory Transportation Planning in Low-Income Los Angeles. Strategic Concepts in Organizing & Policy Education (SCOPE)Unknown2008Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Sheridan, Georgia C. Where the Streets and Sidewalks End: Greening the Public Right-of-Way: Sustainable Solutions for the City of West Hollywood City of West HollywoodMukhija, Vinit; Shoup, Donald 2008Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Carter, Peter Transportation Impacts of Increased Chinese Textile Imports in the U.S. Freight Planning, Office of Goods Movement, California Department of TransportationShoup, Donald; Crane; Randall 2008Client ProjectN/ADownload
Rhoads, Mohja Accommodating Growth in the South BayThe South Bay Cities Council of GovernmentsTaylor, Brian; Shoup, Donald2008Client ProjectN/ADownload
Parfenov, StanislavTravel Behavior Analysis for the City of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA City of Rancho Palos Verdes Taylor, Brian; Liggett, Robin2008Client ProjectN/ADownload
Capone-Newton, PeterRegional Travel Behaviors and Self-Reported Health Outcomes: Results from the Los Angeles Family and Neighborhood Survey with Special Consideration of Self Reported Health OutcomesTaylor, Brian; Brown, Arleen; Ong, Paul2008Client ProjectN/ADownload
Moosavi, AlexWestside Extension AnalysisLos Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation AuthorityEstrada, Leo; Shoup, Donald2008Client ProjectN/ADownload
Marci, JoePedestrian Connections to Public Space: The PaseoUrban Design Studio, Los Angeles Department of City PlanningMukhija, Vinit; Loukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia2008Client ProjectN/ADownload
Uchida, KansaiHighway Public-Private Partnerships for Applications in CaliforniaCaltransTaylor, Brian; Blumenberg, Evy2008Client ProjectN/ADownload
Matute, Juan Measurement Management: Improving Local Governments' Capacity to Measure Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transportation, Facility, and Utility OperationsThe Climate RegistryLiggett, Robin; Shoup, Donald2009Client ProjectN/ADownload
Firestine, TheresaDo Income and Commuting Explain Housing Appreciation? An Analysis of Housing Appreciation in Los Angeles County, 2000-2005Ong, Paul2009Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Kalauskas, RebeccaMotivations Behind Electronic Road Pricing: What is the Driving Force Behind the Worldwide Rise in Tolling? A Review of Innovative Road Pricing from Across the GlobeCaltrans Taylor, Brian; Shoup, Donald2009Client ProjectN/ADownload
Banghart, Eric Carbon Offset Funding: Alternative Funding Options for the Downtown Los Angeles Streetcar CRA/LATaylor, Brian; Wang, Rui 2009Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Kriske, DavidCity of Burbank General Plan Mobility Element UpdateCity of BurbankShoup, Donald; Taylor, Brian2009Client ProjectN/ADownload
Sanchez, Daniel PachecoRecommendations for Rapid Stops Locations Along the Venice CorridorMETROCrane, Randall; Mukhija, Vinit2009Client ProjectN/ADownload
Rozzi, AnthonyTragedy of the Asphalt Commons-Reinventing the Streets of Santa MonicaCity of Santa Monica Shoup, Donald; Zasloff, Jonathan2009Client ProjectN/ADownload
Demisch, Alexander Examining the Linkages Between Electronic Roadway Tolling Technologies and Road Pricing Policy Objectives Caltrans Division of Transportation PlanningTaylor, Brian; Shoup, Donald 2009Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Parrent, Matthew Carbrey Anaheim Regional Intermodal Center (ARTIC): The Integration of Transportation and Land Use Connectivity Gruen AssociatesTaylor, Brian; Loukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia 2009Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Tritipeskul, Sirinya State of the Commute at UCLA Dave Karwaski, UCLA TransportationBlumenberg, Evy; Crane, Randy 2009Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Cowley, Jessica Reclaiming the Roadway: A Study on the Transformation of an Underutilized Street in an Urban Plaza in Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles, Hollywood OfficeMukhija, Vinit; Goldstein, Carol 2009Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Manning, Sarah A Proposal for a Mixed-Use Development Over the Red-Line Yard: The Tongva Metro, Steve BryeMukhija, Vinit; Takahashi, Lois 2009Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Ruiz, Julio Less Than Meets the Eye: Emerging Equity Issues in Curitiba’s Integrated Transport NetworkInstituto de Pesquisa e Planejamento Urbano de CuritibaCrane, Randall 2010Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Zhao, Louis Continuous Access HOV Lane StudyOrange County Transportation AuthorityShoup, Donald; Tilly, Chris 2010Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Lantz, Jennifer Alexis Cycling in Los AngelesLos Angeles Sustainability CollaborativeBlumenberg, Evelyn; Estrada, Leobardo 2010Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Williams, Jonathan Meter Payment Exemption for Disabled Placard Holders as a Barrier to Managing Curb ParkingN/AShoup, Donald 2010ThesisN/ADownload
Flores, Ramiro Alberto Ríos Transportation and Travel Costs in Transnational Remittances: A Case Study of Remittance Costs from Los Angeles, California, to Oaxaca’s Valles CentralesTechnical Institute of Oaxaca: Regional and TechnologicalEstrada, Leobardo; Tilly, Chris 2010Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Bruno, Matthew Preparing for the Subway: An Analysis of Existing Pedestrian and Cyclist Conditions in Westwood VillageUniversity TransportationShoup, Donald 2010Client ProjectN/ADownload
Silva, Judy Wilshire Bus Rapid Transit Project: Lessons Learned for Maintaining Public Support After Implementation of a Bus-Only LaneL.A. County MTACrane, Randall; Tilly, Chris 2010Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Cogan, Jeremy; Lee, Andrew; Lugo, Raul; Doberneck, ND; Finkel, Lauren; Mateer, Steven; John, Scott Van Nuys TODN/AUnknown2010Comprehensive ProjectN/ADownload
Huffman, Niall Managing Hollywood’s Alleys: A Review of Best Practices and a Guide to ImplementationHollywood Property Owner's AllianceShoup, Donald 2010Client ProjectN/ADownload
Redmond, Todd Defining the Right Price for Variable Tolling Systems: A Case Study Analysis of HOV to HOT Lane ConversionsBanerjee and AssociatesShoup, Donald 2010Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Atienza, Aleesa City Reintroducing the Pedestrian: A Cast Study of Boyle Heights’ Efforts to Improve Safety, Health, and TransportationProyecto PastoralLoukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia 2010Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Johnston, Maeve Pounding the Pavement: Addressing Walkability in Central HollywoodAlison Becker, CRA/LABlumenberg, Evelyn; Tilly, Chris 2010Client ProjectDownloadDownload
McGregor, Aaron Assessing the Economic Impacts of Climate Change Events to Marine Industries in Long Beach, CaliforniaCalifornia Dept. of Boating and WaterwaysCrane, Randall 2010Client ProjectN/ADownload
Callahan, Colleen The Plane Truth -- Air Quality Impacts of Airport Operations and Strategies for Sustainability: A Case Study of the Los Angeles World Airports The Coalition for Clean AirTaylor, Brian; Tilly, Chris 2010Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Adamo, Haila; Cogan, Jeremy; Doberneck, Dante; Douglas, Eric; Finkel, Lauren; Finkel, Kevin; Horta, Ruby; John, Scott; Kahn, Kevin; Lee, Andrew; Raul, Lugo; Mateer, Steven; Torres, JacquelineMetro Orange Line Sepulveda Station Transit Oriented DevelopmentLos Angeles County Metropolitan Transit AuthorityPerez, Katherine; Perez, Jose2010Comprehensive ProjectN/ADownload
Whisman, RustyAddressing Diesel Truck Pollution in PacoimaPacoima BeautifulWang, Rui 2011Client ProjectN/ADownload
Brozen, MadelineThe Built Environment and Travel Behavior: Incorporating Resident’s perception into policy recommendationsPacoima BeautifulBlumenberg, Evelyn2011Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Baerg, RyeNew Minimum Bicycle Parking Requirements for Los AngelesLos Angeles County Bicycle CoalitionShoup, Donald 2011Client ProjectN/ADownload
Beata, AlexHot or Cold: Analysis of Congestion Pricing Implementation in the United StatesN/ATaylor, Brian2011ThesisN/ADownload
Benoff, DavidArterial Intelligent Transportation Systems in LA County - The State of Deployment and the State of the PracticeFHWATaylor, Brian2011Client ProjectN/ADownload
Do, CelestineMetro Gold Line Foothill Extension: Ridership Improvement through Market SegmentationMetroTaylor, Brian2011Client ProjectN/ADownload
Go, MichelleBenefit-Cost Analysis for Transportation Project Evaluation: Selecting a Tool for the Metropolitan TransportationMetropolitan Transportation CommissionTakahashi, Lois2011Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Hilde, LindseyBeyond the Peak Travel Market: Can Reinventing Weekend Service Help Save Caltrain?Peninsula Joint Powers BoardWang, Rui 2011Client ProjectN/ADownload
Huff, HerbieThe Relationship between Bikeway Design and Ridership in Eleven North American CitiesAlta Planning+DesignTaylor, Brian2011Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Hui, LindaPotential Opportunities for Jitneys in San FranciscoSan Francisco County Transportation AuthorityShoup, Donald 2011Client ProjectN/ADownload
Jiang, JixuanLong Beach Transit: Using GFI Data for Fixed-Route Transportation PlanningLong Beach TransitWang, Rui 2011Client ProjectN/ADownload
Oster, AlexandraTransit-Oriented Development Guidelines for MetroMetroWang, Rui 2011Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Peterson, DavidElectric Vehicles in Los AngelesUCLA Luskin CenterShoup, Donald 2011Client ProjectN/ADownload
Rabin, JeffMissing Link: Express Bus Service from Long Beach to West Los AngelesSierra Club Angeles Chapter Transportation CommitteeWang, Rui 2011Client ProjectN/ADownload
Reilly, Francis Transit Rider's Cognitive Maps of the Wilshire Blvd. CorridorN/ATaylor, Brian2011ThesisN/ADownload
Rixey, Alex Case Studies in Bike-Sharing – Lessons for the City of Santa MonicaCity of Santa MonicaWang, Rui 2011Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Wu, Daniel Integration of Transit Capacity and Vehicle Dwell Time into the San Francisco Travel Demand ModelSan Francisco County Transportation AuthorityTaylor, Brian2011Client ProjectN/ADownload
Caroselli, Dan A Framework for Street Improvements in the Cleantech CorridorCRA/LAMukhija, Vinit2011Client ProjectN/ADownload
Jun, Shelma Bikeable Design: A toolkit for bike-friendly developmentSheridan/Hawkes CollaborativeMukhija, Vinit2011Client ProjectN/ADownload
Carlson, Lars Contemplating the First and Last MileUrban Planning Studio, City of Los AngelesMukhija, Vinit2012Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Coleman, Erin Evaluating Relationships between Rail Development and Neighborhood Change: Heavy Rail in the City of Los AngelesCalifornia Association of NonProfit Housing (SCANPH)Ling, Joan 2012Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Gladstein, Kathrin Developing Affordable Transit Neighborhoods through Land Use PlanningSouthern California Association of Non-Profit HousingLing, Joan 2012Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Palmer, Sarah Jobs/Housing Fit: Housing Needs Assessment at Planned Rail Stations in Los AngelesSouthern California Association of NonProfit Housing (SCANPH)Ling, Joan 2012Client ProjectN/ADownload
Coleman, Erin Evaluating Relationships between Rail Development and Neighborhood Change: Heavy Rail in the City of Los AngelesSouthern California Association of NonProfit Housing (SCANPH)Ling, Joan 2012Client ProjectN/ADownload
Liu, Chen The Impact of LA Fixed-Guideway Transit Stations on Local Real Estate MarketSouthern California Association of NonProfit Housing (SCANPH)Ling, Joan 2012Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Husain, Huma Assessing the Institutional Capacity for Complete Streets in L.A.Green LA CoalitionEstrada, Leo; Loukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia 2012Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Kaing, EarlThe Boy Who Cried Wolf City of Los Angeles, Department of TransportationTaylor, Brian; Wachs, Martin 2012Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Shaffer, Alexander Noise at Transit Stations in Highway MediansPhysicians for Social Responsibility-Los AngelesLoukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia 2012Client ProjectN/ADownload
Torres, Kristen Towards Complete Streets in Los Angeles: Implementing the California Complete Streets ActGreen LA CoalitionLoukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia2012Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Gonzales, Ivan A Comparative Evaluation of the Federal Regulatory and Funding Environment Present During Development Of Ground Transportation Projects at U.S. AirportsMetroEstrada, Leo 2012Client ProjectN/ADownload
Ibarra, Lupita Carbon Dioxide Reduction Benefits from Bus Rapid Transit: A Case Study of Rio de Janeiro, BrazilInstitute for Transportation and Development PolicyWachs, Martin; Estrada, Leobardo; Higgins, Tim 2012Client ProjectDownloadDownload
McCormick, Cullen York Boulevard; The Economics of a Road DietLos Angeles County Bicycle CoalitionShoup, Donald 2012Client ProjectN/ADownload
Peters, Sarah Impact Fees for Complete StreetsFehr and PeersHiggins, Tim 2012Client ProjectN/ADownload
Bergstein, Shira Connecting Buses to Increase Intercity Passenger Rail AccessAmtrakWachs, Martin 2012Client ProjectN/ADownload
Campbell, Julia Parking at High SpeedCordoba CorpShoup, Donald 2012Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Craven, Michelle Getting Los Angeles to Walk the WalkLos Angeles WalksShoup, Donald 2012Client ProjectN/ADownload
Dominie, Will Is Smarter Growth More Equitable Growth? The Relationship Between Gentrification and Travel Behavior Bus Riders UnionTaylor, Brian 2012Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Johnson, Ryan Bringing New People to the Open StreetsCICLAVIATakahashi, Lois; Blumenberg, Evelyn; Higgins, Tim 2012Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Kehres, Phil You've Arrived. Now What? Wayfinding in Transit Station AreasGreater Cleveland Regional Transit AuthorityLoukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia 2012Client ProjectN/ADownload
Polow, Hannah Behind the Driver's Seat of Selecting Carshare Locations in West Hollywood, CACity of West HollywoodBlumenberg, Evelyn; Estrada, Leobardo 2012Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Stephens, PamelaEvaluating Relationships Between Rail Development and Neighborhood Change: Light Rail in the City of Los AngelesSouthern California Association of NonProfit Housing (SCANPH)Ling, Joan 2012Client ProjectN/ADownload
Bailey, Kristi; Choe, Taylor; Cleveland, Bradley; Conly, Darren; Coons, Michael; Dawson, David; Doan, Dao; Duarte, Reuban; Foster, Nicholas; Hyman, Jessica; Jones, Christopher; Jung, Esther; Lemmon, Katie; Lu, Lu; Miller, Alek; Miller, Lindsey; Suo, Jinghua; Vetal, AmyConnect in Burbank: Linking High Speed Rail, Air Travel and Business to Create a Vibrant, Mixed-Use DistrictCity of BurbankWachs, Martin; Higgins, Harrison T.2012Comprehensive ProjectN/ADownload
Agar, Eric Using Fares to Combat Peak Period Overcrowding on Public Transportation: A Case Study of Latin AmericaInstitute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP)Shoup, Donald 2013Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Resnick, Justin Bicycle Sharing is the New Black, But Can It Make Some Green?UCLA Events & TransportationTaylor, Brian 2013Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Benjamin, Gary L.A. Business Improvement Districts as Community Partners in Streets for People Parklet ProjectsLADOT Streets for People ProgramLoukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia 2013Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Sos, Austin Index for Prioritizing Bike Lane Installations in the City of Los AngelesLos Angeles County Bicycle CoalitionWang, Rui 2013Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Li, Zhongbo Where are the Dangerous Zones to Walk in?Southern California Association of GovernmentsLiggett, Robin 2013Client ProjectN/ADownload
Sarkisian, Tamar Enhancing the Orange Line - Opportunities for Connectivity and DevelopmentCordoba CorporationLoukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia 2013Client ProjectN/ADownload
Jones, Heather TIFIA and TransitFederal Transit AdministrationWachs, Martin 2013Client ProjectN/ADownload
Braun, Eric Beyond Revenue: The Equity of Mileage Based User Fees in CaliforniaN/AWachs, Martin 2013ThesisN/ADownload
Baldwin, Drew We're in for a Ride: Ensuring Successful Implementation of Mobile Ridesharing Technologies in Los AngelesFASTTaylor, Brian 2013Client ProjectN/ADownload
Lee, Ezra Justin Incorporating Betweenness Centrality into Bicycle INDEX Model for Predicting Bicycle Traffic in Santa Monica, CaliforniaFehr & PeersSmart, Michael 2013Client ProjectN/ADownload
Rubin, Carter Curbing Downtown Parking Requirements and Its Effects on Santa Monica Land Uses and Business PerformanceCity of LA Urban Design StudioShoup, Donald 2013Client ProjectN/ADownload
Snehansh, Veena Comprehending Land Use and Travel BehaviorMetroWachs, Martin 2013Client ProjectN/ADownload
Figueira, Kristen Metro Sustainability: A Framework for EvaluationMetroSmart, Michael 2013Client ProjectN/ADownload
Neumann, Rachel Will California's Disabled Placard Payment Exemption Doom LA ExpressPark to Failure?Walker Parking Consultants, Inc.Shoup, Donald 2013Client ProjectN/ADownload
Gonzalez, Diana Providing Meaningful Local Transit Information Access to Glendale's Limited English Proficient (LEP) PopulationCity of GlendaleBlumenberg, Evelyn 2013Client ProjectN/ADownload
Deutsch, Cheryl The Origins of Travel Demand Forecasting in American Transportation PlanningN/AWachs, Martin 2013ThesisN/ADownload
Rich, Robert Optimizing Ramp - Metering in Los Angeles AreaFehr & PeersTaylor, Brian 2013Client ProjectN/ADownload
Liu, Haofei Gender Disparities in Trip-Chaining BehaviorN/AWang, Rui 2013ThesisN/ADownload
Choi, Jaden Public Transit Accessibility in Urban Environment and RidershipLong Beach TransitWang, Rui 2013Client ProjectN/ADownload
Kochaphum, Albert S. ZIG Improvement Report: Fostering a Disability Map for UCLAUCLA Disabilities and Computing ProgramBlumenberg, Evelyn 2014Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Brown, Anne Neighborhood Change Along the Orange LineCalifornia Air Resources BoardBlumenberg, Evelyn 2014Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Heimsath, Benton Innovations in State Transportation Revenue ForecastingCaltransWachs, Martin 2014Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Salehian, Carla Accessibility: Overcoming Infrastructural Barriers to Accessible TransitN/ALoukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia 2014ThesisDownloadDownload
Richer, Chelsea Mapping Climate Change Vulnerability and Access in Los Angeles County: How will transit riders, bicyclists, and pedestrians adapt to the changing climate?Los Angeles Regional Collaborative for Climate Action and SustainabilityWachs, Martin 2014Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Rodman, Daniel Goal/Control: Performance at the Los Angeles Department of TransportationOffice of LA Mayor Eric GarcettiTaylor, Brian 2014Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Zhao, Doreen Performance Pricing for Parking: Evaluating LA Express ParkLos Angeles Department of TransportationShoup, Donald 2014Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Devietti, Elizabeth Perceptions Matter: Understanding Active Transportation at UCLAUCLA Department of TransportationLoukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia 2014Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Lee, Hyeran UCLA Active Transportation Plan: Multi‐Modal Level of Service Analysis in Campus SettingUCLA Transportation ServiceSnyder, Ryan 2014Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Wong, Jennifer Modeling Station Placement for the Bay Area Bike Share SystemSan Francisco Municipal Transportation AgencyTaylor, Brian D. 2014Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Robertson, Justin L. Past, Present, and Potential: Walkability, Perception, and Revitalization in AltadenaNeighbors Building a Better AltadenaTilly, Chris 2014Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Lefkowitz, Kate New Directions for Paratransit in Midsize Cities: Evaluating Pasadena’s decrease in Dial‐A‐Ride ridershipCity of Pasadena Transit DivisionWachs, Martin 2014Client ProjectN/ADownload
Wu, Lisa Identifying Traffic-Related Air Pollution Hotspots in the Built EnvironmentN/ADeShazo, J.R. 2014ThesisDownloadDownload
Sahimi, Michael Bus Transit Connectivity between Venice and the Westside and Expo Phase 2City of Santa Monica Big Blue BusTaylor, Brian D. 2014Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Sin, Michael Residential Infill Travel Demand Management InnovationCalifornia Air Resources BoardTaylor, Brian 2014Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Sanchez, Rosa Guadalupe Guillen Inviting Innovation to the Marriage Between Bicycles and Buses: Recommendations for Improving Bicycle‐Bus Integration in Orange CountyOrange County Transportation AuthorityWachs, Martin 2014Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Montes, Salvador The Missing Link between LA Unions and LAX; The Slauson Corridor (A Financial Analysis)Parsons BrinckerhoffTaylor, Brian D. 2014Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Whinery, Teresa District Policies Regarding Safe Routes to Schools in Los Angeles CountyLos Angeles MetroTaylor, Brian 2014Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Black, Tim SB 743 Implementation Support: Evaluating Transportation Metrics for the California Environmental Quality ActCalifornia Governor's Office of Planning and Research (OPR)Wachs, Martin 2014Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Zhang, Yifan Rethinking Taxi's Value --- Analysis Using Taxi GPS Data in BeijingN/AWang, Rui 2014ThesisN/ADownload
Hom, Matthew; Friedlander, Mark; Simpson, Mark; Huerta-Jones, Mariana; Ujimori, Allyson; Krawczyk, Laura; Connor, Jake; Ordower, Aaron; Yip, Darryl; Nem, Sheila; Lee, Erica; Wu, Vicky; Olson-Kenny, Katie; Dang, Chi Oriented for Whom? The Impacts of TOD on Six Los Angeles NeighborhoodsN/AOng, Paul 2015Comprehensive ProjectN/ADownload
Berez, Daniel Best Practices in Bus Stop Consolidation and OptimizationHouston METROTaylor, Brian 2015Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Chan, Daryl Can Parking Pay for Great Streets? A Potential Funding Strategy for the Great Streets InitiativeGreat Streets InitiativeShoup, Donald 2015Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Chan, Jane Why Study Fare Structure? Set the Right Fare for Transit: An Evaluation on Culver CityBus Fare StructureCulver CityBusWachs, Martin 2015Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Garcia Resendiz, RodrigoRail to River: A Health Impact Assessment of an Active Transportation CorridorAlta Planning + DesignTakahashi, Lois 2015Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Guiriba, Camille Real-Time Data Priorities of WiFi Connected Transit FleetsVeniamMatute, Juan 2015Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Holmes, Nathan Principal in the Parking Lot: An Exploration of How Schools View Their Transportation ChallengesLos Angeles County Department of Public HealthBlumenberg, Evelyn 2015Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Hon, Christina Activating Businesses with Parking CreditsThe City of West HollywoodShoup, Donald 2015Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Kaufman, Ben Re-inventing the Bus Stop: Design Guidelines and Analysis for Transit-Friendly Parklets in Alameda CountyAlameda County TransitLoukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia 2015Client ProjectDownloadDownload
LaRose, Jeremiah Why the Block Matters for Transit Priority TreatmentsFehr & PeersWachs, Martin 2015Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Lindt, Rachel Los Angeles's Untapped Resources: Assessing the Potential to Implement Green Alleys CitywideThe Trust for Public LandLoukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia 2015Client ProjectDownloadDownload
O’Brien-Kovari, Lilly Economic Activity on LA Great Streets: A Case Study of Western Avenue and Program-wide ImplicationsLA Great StreetsMukhija, Vinit 2015Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Osborn, Casey Who Needs the Gas Tax? Road User Charges and the Implications of California CountriesCalTransWachs, Martin 2015Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Samuelson, Mike How Fast is Rapid? Examining Bus Service in Los AngelesFehr & PeersWachs, Martin 2015Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Santana, Manuel Wrecked by Work? Evaluating accident and injury occurrence among workers who rely on a motorcycle for work in ColombiaN/AMonkkonen, Paavo 2015ThesisDownloadDownload
Shockley, Daniel Making Headways Smart-Card Fare Collection and Bus Dwell Times in Los AngelesLA MetroTaylor, Brian 2015Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Thomas, Brett Big Blue Bus Service Coverage at UCLASanta Monica Big Blue BusShoup, Donald 2015Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Wallace, Zackary Ensuring Equity, Inclusion, and Community Benefits around Denver’s Commuter Rail StationsFRESC: Good Jobs, Strong CommunitiesBlumenberg, Evelyn 2015Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Wu, MelodyRe-visioning Streetscape Improvement Proposal Overland AvenuePalms Neighborhood CouncilSnyder, Ryan 2015Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Ray, RosalieOpen for Business: Business Impacts During Metro Rail ConstructionN/AOng, Paul2015ThesisDownloadDownload
Quiquivix, Adriana; Vito, Ariana; Benitez, Diana; Sittig, Dylan; Macedo, Edber; Moorman, Evan; Gutierrez, Gabriel; Bridges, Kate; Jagoe, Lindsey; Babakhanian, Meghmik; Barrita-Diaz, Mike; Heng, Saly; Appel, Sam; Tsai, Stephanie Community Scholars - Delivering the Good: Strategic Interventions Towards a Just & Sustainable Logistics System in Southern CaliforniaLos Angeles Alliance for a New EconomyWolff, Goetz 2016Comprehensive ProjectN/ADownload
Cohen, Aysha Equity in Motion: Bikeshare in Low-Income CommunitiesDistrict Department of TransportationTaylor, Brian 2016Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Barberena, Betty Electrifying Carshare: A Look at the EV Carsharing Pilot Project in Los AngelesLos Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's Office of Budget and Innovation's Sustainability DepartmentWang, Rui 2016Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Lang, Brian Why is There Nowhere to Park in Silver Lake? Silver Lake Parking StudySilver Lake NeighborHood AssociationShoup, Donald 2016Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Stewart, Camille Transit Paradox: Displacement Risk Around LA Metro's New Light-Rail StationsEast Los Angeles Community CorporationTaylor, Brian 2016Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Ward, Daniella UCLA Commute Survey: Examining Biking to CampusUCLA TransportationKarwaski, Dave; King, Michael 2016Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Kim, Jasmin Intersection Roadway Characteristics and Pedestrian Safety: Are They Related?N/AWachs, Martin 2016ThesisDownloadDownload
Yu, Jenny Bicycle Parking in Residential DevelopmentsAlta Planning + DesignSnyder, Ryan 2016Client ProjectDownloadDownload
DeGuzman, Jewel Assessing Elderly Mobility Needs in an Ethnic Enclave: A Case Study of Little TokyoLittle Tokyo Service CenterWachs, Martin 2016Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Tran, Jimmy Taking Health to the LA Great Streets: Measuring Walking, Biking, and SafetyLA Great Streets InitiativeLoukaitou-Sideris, Anastasia 2016Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Thai, Karen Where They're Coming From and How They're Getting Here: A Mobility Assessment on Little Tokyo’s Nonresident PopulationLittle Tokyo Service Center (LTSC)Blumenberg, Evelyn 2016Client ProjectDownloadDownload
MacNiven, Lance Closing the Gap Between the Valley and the Westside: Improving the Performance of L.A. Metro’s Valley-Westside ExpressWSP | Parsons BrinckerhoffWachs, Martin 2016Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Caswell, Marc Peak Hour Parking Restrictions & Traffic Safety: Does the elimination of parking during rush hour increase the chance of collisions?Alta Planning + DesignShoup, Donald 2016Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Sanchez, Marissa Designing Grand Streets in LA: What Elements are Most Essential in Street Design?Here Design Los AngelesMukhija, Vinit 2016Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Gorman, Owen Bike Share Means Business: How can the latest bike share technology enhance system development and funding sources?Cyclehop UCLAMatute, Juan 2016Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Taylor-Gratzer, RyanAre Bike Lanes Making Angelenos Safer?Los Angeles County Bicycle CoalitionBlumenberg, Evelyn 2016Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Winn, Ryan Electric Vehicle Charging at Work: Workplace EV charging usage behavior, pricing effects, and additional investmentsChargePointDeShazo, J.R. 2016Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Martinez, Severin Who Wins When Streets Lose Lanes? Analyzing Safety on Road Diet Corridors in Los AngelesLos Angeles Department of TransportationTaylor, Brian 2016Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Unruh, Zoe Commuter Rail Maintenance Contracting: Analyzing The Impacts on Quality & CostsSouthern California Regional Rail AuthorityWachs, Martin 2016Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Callaghan, CatReclaiming the Road: Reshaping Transportation in Playa VistaBig Blue BusWachs, Martin 2017Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Fraade, JordanMaking Headways: Strategies for Implementing Dedicated Bus Infrastructure in L.A.Investing in PlaceManville, Michael2017Client ProjectDownloadDownload
Gertz, MatthewImproving the LA County Metro Orange Line Bus Rapid Transit ServiceLos Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation AuthorityWachs, Martin 2017Client ProjectDownloadDownload
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