Research Team: PI: Brian D. Taylor Team: Michael Manville, Evelyn Blumenberg

About this project:

This proposal provides seed funding toward addressing two follow on research questions:
1) Does the trend of increasing vehicle availability also apply in the Bay Area?
2) What are the causes behind the increase in vehicle availability in the SCAG region?

What problem does this research aim to address?

Transit ridership in California is falling despite investment and policy intervention. A recent study by the research team found that increases in access to cars has driven decreases in transit ridership in Southern California.

What are the expected impacts and benefits of the research?

This research is being conducted in close partnership with Southern California Association of Governments; plus the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and LA Metro may be included as well. These agencies have received or have requested top-level Executive or Board meetings for briefings on the study results and are incorporating the findings into their decision-making.

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