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The Caltrans Division of Rail and Mass Transportation is developing the 2017 Statewide Transit Strategic Plan in conjunction with the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies.  Public transit in California is at a critical juncture as the state aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% between 2030 in accordance with Senate Bill 32 (2016) and meet other state legislative and planning goals as technology-enabled innovative mobility brings change to the transportation system.  This 5-year update to the 2012 Statewide Transit Strategic Plan allows and the state to prepare for the integration of urban and regional transit systems with the California High Speed Rail project.  

The UCLA and Caltrans team will be advised by a thirty-six member advisory committee comprised of senior officials from California’s transit agencies, regional planning organizations, and transit professional organizations.

The California Statewide Transit Strategic Plan is one of the modal plans under the umbrella of the California Transportation Plan 2040.

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Working on this project: Juan Matute, Brian Taylor, Teo Wickland, Jasneet Bains, Herbie Huff

Project Start Date
Project End Date: December 2017

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