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Authors:  Aaron Ordower, Sandra Caballero, Daryl Chan, Aysha Ruya Cohen, Michael Janusek, Brittany Jang, Ben Kaufman , Naria Kiani, Laura Krawczyk, Rachel Lindt, Jeff Loi, Brianne Masukawa, Casey Osborn, Jimmy Tran

Date: May 28, 2015 Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies

Project: Sustainable Los Angeles: Lessons from Vancouver

In March 2015, a group of 14 UCLA Urban and Regional Planning graduate students traveled to Vancouver to learn first-hand about Vancouver’s sustainable planning successes. Students met with over 30 government agencies, non-profits, researchers and private companies working at the front lines of sustainable urbanism. This report highlights a few of the most meaningful lessons learned.  The report is organized around seven lessons which they consider especially applicable & implementable in Los Angeles. Each lesson alludes to an objective from LA’s 2015 Sustainable City pLAn. 

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