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Why Mexico City?

Mexico City, like Los Angeles, is a sprawling urban environment with challenges and opportunities, wealth and poverty, areas with flourishing economic vitality and underinvested, disenfranchised neighborhoods. Issues including economic development, job security, housing, sustainability, culture and arts are all linked by transportation: how do people access the social and economic transactions that define their lives and improve their livelihoods? A trip to Mexico City is a unique opportunity for Luskin students from Social Welfare, Urban Planning, and Public Policy to come together to better understand the similarities and differences in transportation access between Mexico City and Los Angeles. The interdepartmental focus of this trip establishes a foundation for meaningful discussion that moves beyond the conceptual lenses of our own fields. By directly experiencing the issues mentioned above in Mexico City, alongside our peers from other departments and concentrations, we will have a chance to tease out and debate ideas that are fundamental to the Luskin School’s core mission: social justice, equity, and community empowerment.

We believe that this trip and the post-trip event will benefit the Luskin School in several ways:

  1. It will highlight the work that is currently being done by Luskin students to develop new, more complex perspectives on social issues.
  2. It will demonstrate the leadership taken by Luskin students to work together to plan an academic spring break trip.
  3. The post-trip evening will generate additional interest for other students in doing comparative and/or international research.


Connecting Broader Themes

Students will experience the linkages between several broad, cross-cutting themes:


At the intersection of these themes, we find specific issues and pertinent questions:



Research Topics

We have asked students to provide research topics that reflect their area of interest. Examples of proposed student projects include:

  • Innovations in Active Transportation, and Lessons for Los Angeles
  • Improving and Building New Transit Infrastructure
  • Access to Public Life and Cultural Resources


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Post-Trip Student Presentations

Big & Bigger: Place & Planning in Mexico City – 6 Vignettes on Lessons For L.A.

When:    May 12, 2014. 5pm – 8pm.

Where:  3383 Luskin Student Commons


5:00 pm  –  Introductions and Overview

5:20 pm  –  Sprawl in the Mexico City Region, Benton Heimsath [pdf]

5:45 pm  –  Planning for the Exceptional: How Transportation Agencies Plan for, Respond to, and Recover from Earthquakes in Mexico City and Los Angeles, Chelsea Richer [pdf]

6:05 pm  –  Regulating the “Domestication” of Public Spaces in Mexico City: Lessons for L.A., Kathleen Allmang [pdf]

6:45 pm  –  Land Use Policies and Parquimetros; Planning for Parking in L.A. and Mexico City, Doreen Zhao [pdf]

7:10 pm  –  Bicycle and Pedestrian Behaviors in Mexico City and Los Angeles, Dustin Foster [pdf]

7:35 pm  –  A Comparative Analysis of Bicycle Advocacy Movements in L.A. and Mexico City, Hyeran Lee [pdf]