What’s Behind the Decline in Driving Among Millennials?

This question has been hotly debated in the press and in policy circles, but mostly based on impressions and anecdotes and not solid evidence – until now. Two recent national studies by ITS researchers Evelyn Blumenberg, Anne Brown, Stephen Brumbaugh, Kelcie Ralph, Michael Smart, Brian Taylor, Carole Turley Voulgaris, and Madeline Wander shed considerable light on those mysterious Millennials and their travel behavior. The first study, What’s Youth Got to Do with It? Exploring the Travel Behavior of Teens and Young Adults, found that youth travel behavior was deviating remarkably little from that of adults, with economic factors like employment status and income predominating in determining the travel behavior of both youth and adults. The most recent of these, Typecasting Neighborhoods and Travelers: Analyzing the Geography of Travel Behavior Among Teens and Young Adults in the U.S., examining whether Millennials are turning their backs on suburbs for more urban and car-free lifestyles, is hot off of the presses.

Learn more and access full publications for each project: What’s Youth Got to Do with It?