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The latest issue of Transfers Magazine, the biannual digital magazine of the Pacific Southwest Region UTC edited by a team of UCLA faculty, staff and students, came out last week. In our current uncertain time, we’ve continued to stay committed to sharing the latest in transportation research. This issue covers important topics such as improving accessibility for pedestrians, how parking reform can alleviate urban heat, and rewording coverage of vehicle crashes.

During COVID-19, we’ve seen major changes in how people travel ― or don’t. But sooner or later, we will return to commuting and traveling from place to place. As our editor-in-chief, Michael Manville, put it in his note:

Eventually, however, the pandemic will end. When it does, the world will need wise transportation policy. Transportation agencies will need to salvage their tattered budgets. Transit operators will need to make their vehicles safe for passengers and operators. And we all, hopefully, will need to rethink the transportation system we had before the virus put it on pause.

Please check out the articles from the latest issue. 

Editor’s Note
Michael Manville

The 30-Minute City
Small changes in infrastructure could yield major benefits for pedestrians

David Levinson

Valley of the Sun-Drenched Parking Space
Reducing urban heat could come down to parking reform

Christopher G. Hoehne, Mikhail V. Chester, and David A. King

Building Highways and Preserving the Environment
Transportation planners have finally found ways to collaborate with environmentalists

Martin Wachs

Going My Way? The Evolution of Shared Ride and Pooling Services
The rise of pooling has reshaped how we get around — and who we travel with

Susan Shaheen

Opinion: To Save Lives, Let’s Cover Crashes Better
How news reporting changes the public perception of car crashes

Kelcie Ralph


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