The Fall Issue of ACCESS Magazine is Now Available!

The fall issue of ACCESS Magazine is hot off of the press and now available to view at the brand-new ACCESS website, Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in the latest issue:Quantified Traveler: Travel Feedback Meets the Cloud to Change Behavior Raja Sengupta and Joan L. WalkerMost people are aware that car emissions harm the environment, but they continue to drive anyway. What would it take for people to drive less and use other means of travel more? In their new article, “Quantified Traveler: Travel Feedback Meets the Cloud to Change Behavior,” authors Raja Sengupta and Joan Walker try to get people to walk, bike, and take transit more through a new program, Quantified Traveler. With this program, respondents were able to track their travel behavior and compare it with the behavior of their peers and the national average. The authors found that awareness of one’s habits, especially in comparison to others, leads to reduced driving distances and changed respondents’ attitudes towards travel.Unraveling the Modal Impacts of Bikesharing Susan Shaheen and Elliot MartinYou’ve probably seen them in most major cities: bikes readily available for checkout, used by commuters and tourists alike. But how are bikesharing programs influencing other forms of travel? Are [...]

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