About the Initiative

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought enormous disruption in all aspects of society all over the globe. Both the pandemic itself and the necessary precautions to avoid its further spread have caused turmoil in individual lives as well as entire industries. One of the most affected sectors is public transit, whose sudden and severe loss of ridership prompts a need to understand the changes and their implications. As part of the UC ITS COVID-19 Research Initiative, UCLA ITS Researchers have embarked on an effort to identify what is happening to transit in California and across the US. Part of this effort includes looking at new data and exploring possible connections between transit ridership and other economic factors (such as employment).


Additional data and information from the project team at UCLA can be found below:

This spreadsheet tracks transit operators offering real-time crowding data, including information on how they define crowding (if available). Also, an article introducing the current state of real-time crowding data is available here.

Useful links, as compiled by members of the projects, will be listed here in the future.